Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mini Spidey (tape) sculpture

You read that headline correct, a masking tape sculpture. A few years back I was working on-site for a local business and the guy who worked in the next cubical to me liked to make miniature figures out of masking tape. I don’t know how he managed to do it, but apparently this guy does this kind of stuff all the time. He specifically made me this Spidey sculpture for fun, and because he knew that I liked Spider-Man.

If I had any talent in that area, I’d pang it to look like Spidey, but sadly, I’m lacking skill in that area, so I’m going to leave him just the way he is. I shot the pic with Spidey’s foot resting on that matchbook cover (he is leaning on a candle) so that you can get a feeling for the figure’s actual size.


Tommy said...

I wonder if that's a sex candle.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

You, son, have too vivid an imagination.

spideyfan said...

All it need's now is to be painted

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