Sunday, December 16, 2007

I got myself an early Christmas Present

That’s right, the other day while I was rooting around in my garage looking for something else, when I located a short box of comics that I had misplaced some two years ago. I thought that I had lent the box to an associate of mine so he could scan in the covers for use in the database he maintains for producing the Comics Values Annual, only he said he couldn't find them.

I had even been to his house and we both looked through his boxes (and boxes) of comics, toys, SF novels, and magazines. Nutthin. (Although we did manage to locate not only a box of my toys of mine that he still had, but a box of comics of his that he gave to me, which was cool and all, but not really what I was looking for at the time (even though it contained a comic that I wanted that I had spotted online selling for $100).

Anyways, I found the box sitting in my garage after all this time. How cool is that? The box, you see, was chock-a-block full of freebies, sponsored, specialty, ashcan and giveaway comics. Specifically a bunch staring my pal and yours, Spidey! Yea, I was looking for this ever since I hooked up with SpiderFan, because while they knew about these comics, many of them didn’t have reviews. Now that I have found the comics, You can bet that I’m going to be uploading the reviews as fast as I can re-read the comics and type em up.

Yep, I love these type of comics. they are fun, and often carry a pro-social message. (anti-smoking, health issues, child abuse prevention, reading, etc.) Sometimes they are just hawking a particular product or service (Aim Toothpaste, Dingo Boots, All detergent). Sometimes they tie into a movie (Lionsgate re-issued Amazing Spider-Man #129 — the first appearance of the Punisher — with the 2004 Punisher film staring John Travolta and Tomas Jane). Like that. These are very cool comics

I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl.



Tommy said...

That's incredible!!

There's hours of fun with those ahead!

I'm glad you found them. :)

Robert J. Sodaro said...

You know it Ol’ Son!