Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Return of Video Victor

Back in the Mid ‘80s, I was the managing editor of a magazine called Videogaming Illustrated. I wrote some game reviews, articles, news items, and (for a couple of installments) I actually got to write an actual comicstrip. Sure, sure, the strip was only a one-page gag strip entitled Video Victor which combined bee jokes, videogaming, and pop culture references. (Commodore Computer used to produce a small computer named the Vic-20, hence the name “Video Victor” like a joke, only smaller).

Anyways, while I was writing it, the strip was drawn by John Constanza. It was my first published fiction work. It was fun, and I finally found a place to post the only two strips I ever got to write. Check ’em out, it might be kinda fun.

The reason I only wrote two installments is that the mag (VI) was canceled at that point. It would take me almost another three years to get my second work of fiction (Agent Unknown) into print, and then six more years for my third (a brief article in Marvel Year in Review 1993 that told the “Previous Untold” real origin of the Avengers. Now that I think of it, perhaps I should post that little bit of nonsense I penned with my writing partner John A. Wilcox as well.

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Tommy said...

That hippie is evil!!! You need to play Slayer to defeat them and send 'em home.

Oh, and...*Venom eats your hot dog!* :P