Saturday, June 16, 2007

Spidey Week may be over, but here come the FF!

Imagine my surprise when I went into Burger King the other day, and noticed that Spidey had been replaced by the Fantastic Four. Yeah, yeah, I knew that the FF has stealth-filmed their way into theaters this year (until I saw the trailer, I honestly had no idea the the film was even in the works — as soon as I pen the review, I’ll post it on my review page over at PopThought). Well, anyway, I’m really happy that not only is the film being made, but that BK has chosen to distribute Kid Meal toys with it.

There are six toys, and I already have four of them. I’m hoping to score the other two over the weekend or early next week. Here are the toys that I have collected thus far from BK. The toys are seriously cool, (especially for a Fast food toy collector like myself who dabbles in superheroes). Anyways, the next two toys in the set are Dr. Doom and the Invisible Woman.

I don’t know if there are any other comicbook films due out this year, but if there are, I hope that they also have fast food toy tie-ins.

Whelp, that’s it for now. See you in the funnypapers!


Tommy said...

...And through the BK toys we know Dr. Doom makes his return appearance in this film! Spoilers!!! @_@

Well, okay...not really. The end of the 1st pretty much said he was still kicking. B-but the kids don't know about the Ovoid tech. or-or-or--Doom's Time Machine!!!

With it, Von Doom is able to retcon all of his defeats!! Everyone just thinks he lost at the end of the 1st film...but it was his stunt double! HA!! Take that kids!!

Tommy said...

I hope you've got all your FF's, since the Transformers are now taking up the toy slot.

If you want to cover them and relate it to Marvel, all you'd have to do is mention the Transformers comic and Marvel's input into the animated version.

Then--BAM!!--a new blog entry. Just an idea though.