Sunday, May 20, 2007

Spider Week Continues!
That’s right kids, so long as Spidey is in the theaters, and Burger King is selling his toys, it is still Spider-Week. This week we picked up a couple of new items.

Also, while we were cleaning up our office, we discovered a small stash of Spidey Easter candy that we just had to share with you all.

Man was it still good!

Not only was that that chocolate egg hollow, but there was some hard candy hidden inside of it.

Very cool indeed.

As of now, I have eight of the 10 BK Spidey toys. Oh, and I’ve won the scratch off game more than I’ve lost (about either eight or 10 wins).

1 comment:

Tommy said...

Man, I only got one of those BK figures! >_<

It was an amusing one though. Black costume Spidey that shoots a web, although the way the hands were positioned it looked...well, that just wouldn't be fit for writing. :P

When I went for another one, I don't know if they ran out, or if the person was thinking too hard (i.e. 'Where's the kid?'), since I ended up with a panda thingy of the BK Endangered Species set (it's a set, right?).

It's pretty cute though, I'll admit, although I wouldn't admit that in pri---#^@#Q!!!

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