Sunday, April 29, 2007

OK, Now I’ve REALLY seen Everything!

As you all know, I’ve been buying the Spider-food that ties in with the third Spidey flick, but this is the one that sent me over the edge.

Yes, folks. That’ Pringle Spider-Chips, with Spidey trivia actually printed on the chips!

I need a drink.

Actually, I need a lot of ‘em!

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Tommy said...

Ohh, I remember the old commercial for these Pringle Chips w' questions (probably back when Spidey 2 was out).

Kids trying to eat lunch at school and then--*SHAZAM!!*--it's quiz show time! If I had a better joke, other than me parodying w', 'Who wants to eat their chips and who wants to lose teeth?!', I'd honestly put it.

But in slightly more serious, spider-nerd mode...The questions had to refer to the movie continuity, not the comics, right? So essentially, are the answers correct...or did you still not know who won the fight at Mustafar when you read the Star Wars questions on the Mini Candy wrappers for Milky Way or whatever it was, back in Halloween '05?!

Random? Perhaps...

If it hasn't been put in an entry yet, and I've just started looking, there is Spider-Man 3 cereal to speak of. Hell, I think I saved the box from Spider-Man 2 cereal, and if so, w' but a scan, you can compare and contrast which was better...or not... <_>

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