Monday, September 18, 2006

News from the Big Apple (Con)!This past weekend was the first Big Apple Con that I attended in about a year. I went in with CAG Prez Keith Murphey, as we began our Psychosis! World Tour Grass-Roots Gurrella-Marketing Stealth World Tour (Hey, I just learned that I’m GWP’s Director of (Mis)Information, so I figured that means that I get to name it, eh?) Anyway, while in the city we hooked up with some friends, fellow CAGers, and pros. I met Melvin Ylagan (one of the cover artists), and Keith went off to do a photo shoot with Mark some other CAGers, and (from what I understand, a very lovely young co-ed model, type — sorry I missed that shoot).

You can read all about my NYC Excursion over here, and see some pics of the event as well, but don’t forget to come back as we have more way-cool funnybook stuff to chat about over here.


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