Monday, June 07, 2010

Tony’s Tips

I don’t usually link to other folks blogs, but I’m making an exception today to link you to an especially interesting post by the world-famous Tony Isabella. In case you have been living under a rock, or as young as my kids, You mihgt not know who Tony is; he’s a very talented writer who has worked in the comics industry longer that we’ve all bee alive (not entirely true). In his on-line column he made some very interesting observations about the recently-running Spider-Man continuity that I found especially penetrating and insightful, so I want to pass them along.

Click over to Tony’s site and check out what he has to say, part of which is...
“Not that anyone asked me, but it defies my willing suspension of disbelief that Peter Parker, this genius of both photography and science, can't earn even a moderately decent living. Way back in the day, when Jim Salicrup was the Spider-editor, I pitched an idea for Peter to become a Bugle science-writer. This would have made use of both his great talents, allowed for amusing moments as the guy struggled to learn how to write, and allowed for his Aunt May to feel some pride/relief her nephew hadn't completely wasted his potential and his years in college.”
Tony is a wise and brilliant man, and well, if some of the current Spider-writers can't figure out how to properly write the title, I suggest that Spider-management contact Tony, as that’s really the best idea I’ve heard in reference to the basis for a Spidey storyline since, well the beginning of BND.

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