Saturday, June 26, 2010

More from Sketchers

A few days ago I discovered a Sketcher’s Comicbook in a box of a pair of Sketcher's sneakers. Today I managed to acquire a couple more comics.

Now, while there is nothing truly spectacular about any of these comics, I do have to say that I am enjoying seeing companies utilize comics to entice and/or reward their customer base.

I think that this is a marketing aspect that is often overlooked and well, should be tapped more often (anyone remember when Marvel used to issue their quarter and annual stock reports in ciomicbook form? Well, while that was certainly the most famous (and ovbious), use of this, it certainly wasn't the first time I had heard of a company doing that.

Still, I couldn’t help but notice that in this story, the “villain” is a creature called The Tangler, who is essentially a sentient, animated shoelace, that unfortunately looks like, well, you look and tell me...

Yeah, I kinda thought so too, especially after I saw this panel. Personally, I think that it is treading dangerously close to “adult manga" but then again, I’m hoping that the kids to whom this is targeted simply haven’t seen the came comics that I’ve seen.

Anyways, in spite of this (admittedly minor) image glitch, I’m solidly behind this Sketcher’s marketing plan, and hope that they continue with it. I know that there are other comics in this series, and I hope to get them all.


Tommy said...

Heh, yeah the tentacle motif. I think the same was brought up with the cover for Heroes for Hire V.2 #13.

Robert J. Sodaro said...

Yep, I do believe that you are right, Tommy.