Tuesday, April 02, 2013

It's all in Tribute

So, recently I was with the esteemed Jim Main (the big guy over @ Main Enterprise, the forward-thinking publisher who has been publishing a good deal of my work recently).

We were in attendance at the Newburgh Comic Collectorfest (in Newburgh NY). It was there that I acquired a copy of the newest publication in with my work appears, Dell & Gold Key Collector #1.

This wonderful magazine is chock full of insightful and intriguing info on the old Dell & Gold Key comics, including Magnus Robot Fighter, Tarzan, and Frankenstein. There is some very cool vintage art images and all sorts of interesting stuff that you are going to want to know more about.

While at the Newburgh show, Jim also laid on me a copy of his wonderful pin-up mag, Tribute #6. This particular issue contains some outstanding work by quite a number of ME regulars, including Jeff Austin, Maya Andres, John Lambert, Tom Ahern, Nik Poliwko and many more.

This issue of tribute had a distinctly horror feel to it and really came out quite well (which I probably would say even if Jim wasn't my publisher). Both mags are currently available from Jim (as are a hoard of other fine publications) So you should reach out and touch contact Jim to learn more about all of the delightful goodies that he has available.

Also, you should watch this space, because Jim tells me that he has all sorts of way-cool mags that are slated to come out over the next several months. He won’t tell me what they are (it’s true, I do all of the layout and production work with my eyes closed), but he assures me that they are some way-cool stuff.

OK, that’s about all for me now, I have to put the blindfold on and get back to work for Jim!

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