Tuesday, May 03, 2011

McDonald's is for the Brave & the Bold

OK Kids, when it rains, it pours. It really pours, as you all know we are experiencing a high volume of  Thor-related fast food movie tie-ins at the moment (with Thor toys appearing at both 7-11 & Burger King), well McDonald’s has taken this time to launch a truly impressive set of Batman Brave & Bold toys.

This outstanding set is eight packages, each containing three (yes, three separate) toys for a total of 24 toys. Seriously, this is a very cool set. Just look at what the first four packages contain!

(Penguin, Batmobile, Batman)

(Firestorm, Solomon Grundy, Two-Face)

(Black Manta, Batman Robot, Aquaman)

(Riddler, Plastic Man, Batman)

First half of set (w/Happy Meal box)

First half of set

Now THIS is what I call a toy set!

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